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MiTEQ Milestones: Elevated Partner Status With Zebra Technologies, Startup Awards, Office Culture

The MiTEQ team have been steadily finding their stride over the last six months. We've launched our new series of blogs under the hashtag #MyTEQproblems, over on LinkedIn; we've started planning a new series of webinars - from Transportation and Logistics, to Healthcare and beyond - and we've welcomed several new partners into the MiTEQ family, to better position our team for consulting, deploying, managing and maintaining a full spectrum of RTLS and asset management solutions.

Every now and again, it's important we reflect on our achievements and celebrate the progress our team is making, including the great work of our partners, customers and technology community. In this blog, we'll highlight a few milestones we're especially proud of, and lay down our vision for future successes.

1) New Certification With Zebra Technologies

2) Shortlisted For A Start-up Award

3) Bringing Our Office To Life

4) The Next Steps For MiTEQ

Reaching Solutions Partner Status With Zebra Technologies

There are few solutions providers that achieve Solutions Partner status with Zebra Technologies within their first year of trading; and while this is absolutely a privilege and a point of celebration for our team, it's also testament to the hard work of our employees, partners and the customers entrusting us to deliver upon their visions.

We hope that our positioning as a Solution Partner and RFID Specialist can reaffirm the value we are delivering to supply chains, and encourage more business leaders to reach out, discuss operations management, and see where our team's experience can help inform better decisions, and better delivery of cutting-edge RTLS and asset management solutions.

Being Shortlisted For A Start-up Award

As a team that's been totally immersed in building out specialisms, deploying solutions and creating trusted partnerships, the prospect of being shortlisted for a South West Business award had totally passed us by. It's great to see that we're having an impact on our local community, and it's reassuring for fellow businesspeople to see promise in the work we are doing.

Hopefully, as we move beyond our 'Start-Up' stage and take strides towards being a progressive hub for innovation, transformation and leadership, we're able to reaffirm our value in the mobility sector, and work with more exciting business leaders.

Bringing Our Office To Life

We talked about 'creating an energising workspace' in a previous blog, and over on the MiTEQ LinkedIn page, we've been keeping followers updated on some of the smaller additions to the office - such as a new state-of-the-art coffee machine, and Will's sister's drawing of a shrew and a cartoon character called Spongebob - but this is just the start of us bringing our workspace to life. As we grow, we will continue make our offices a hub for learning, innovation and growth. We look forward to sharing that journey with our customers, partners and employees.

The Next Steps For MiTEQ

From here, we will continue to provide industry-leading RTLS and asset management solutions. We want to push boundaries, innovate, and collaborate with fantastic business leaders, while nurturing employees to be the very best versions of themselves.

We appreciate all the support we've had thus far. Thank you.

If you're a business leader hoping to streamline processes and maximise efficiencies, we welcome you to reach out via the Contact Us section of our website.

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