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MiTEQ Headquarters: Creating an Energising Workplace

It might look like an ordinary office, but the MiTEQ HQ will undergo a worthwhile transformation over the coming months

Moving into MiTEQ HQ: Building A Workplace We Love

We have officially moved into our Chippenham headquarters!

As a mobility technology solutions provider placing people at the front and centre of everything we do, we want the MiTEQ HQ to nurture people and employees in the same way we do our partners and customers. From three people to three thousand, our culture and values will scale with us, so we’ve been challenging ourselves to think about how best our workplace can motivate the people within it to be the best version of themselves.

Creating an Energising Space

Granted, we’ll need more than our industry-leading enterprise mobility solutions to brighten up our workspace, but we aim to do everything we can to ensure our workspace is collaborative, connective and energising for all. Right now, we’re working with three coffee cups, a kettle, two cherry-red fire extinguishers - swiftly becoming the stand-out feature of our office - and a cupboard of brand-new stationary equipment...(okay, we also have a printer), and considering that MiTEQ specialises in innovative enterprise technology, we want to develop our HQ into a nurturing ecosystem for talented, aspirational and entrepreneurial individuals. We all know that houseplants can make homes happier spaces; perhaps office plants are a step in the right direction, or maybe it’s jukeboxes and healthy snacks. Either way, it’s something we’re thinking carefully about.

Empowering Employees

We specialise in empowering businesses to stay connected and informed, so it’s important that our employees feel all of these things within a their workspace. We’re brainstorming incentives, office snacks, collaborative online platforms and all kinds of other things to make MiTEQ a fantastic place to work. The goal is for great spirited people to feel comfortable and energised, motivated and incentivised, and overwhelmingly happy while working with us. Within Alex Whiting’s blog on his aspirations for MiTEQ , he wrote that he wished MiTEQ to be “a great organisation to partner with and work within”, and we are exploring every way to do just that.

Visualising Our Solutions

Sometimes you need to see and experience technology to properly understand it. We’re thinking about the best ways for us to showcase technology-enhanced workflows to prospective customers. While right now we would invite customers to reach out via our Contact Us page to speak with one of our experienced professionals - or reach out via our social media channels, be it Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter we have several exciting ideas for how we transform our HQ to be an experiential introduction to cutting edge mobility technology.

Your Vision. Our Solution.

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