Our Solutions

Utilising partnerships with global technology solution providers, MiTEQ designs, delivers and supports a tailored range of applications and communications technologies for medium and large-scale organisations. We will provide you access to our network of trusted analysts, consultants and practitioners, who are specialists at directing businesses towards the right solutions for their operational queries. We are committed to providing excellent end-to-end support, to ensure you’re able to continuously optimise your processes, to demonstrate value and to maximise returns.

If you are interested in exploring MiTEQ solutions for your business, we welcome you to reach out to one of our experts via our Contact Us page.



Every business will require a different combination of technological solutions. MiTEQ aims to make innovation as effortless and accessible as possible, which is why we work in close partnership with specialist consultants, analysts and practitioners. As experts in their respective fields, they will guide you through a selection of available applications and communications solutions - ensuring rollout is smooth, uptake is seamless and the ongoing delivery and optimisation of our solutions, flawless. These industry-leading professionals are best equipped to help you understand what technology is available, how best it can be managed and optimised within your business.



Our Applications help locate and manage assets. Used in conjunction with communication technologies, our mobile application solutions will allow you to oversee your supply chain (and beyond) with greater transparency. These technologies will also provide you with ongoing, actionable insights, to be used to make more informed investment decisions, to maximise efficiency, as well as overall returns.

Communication Tower


Our Communication Technologies act as the bridge between technological solutions and general business functions. They enable solutions to scale with greater ease and efficacy, while working in conjunction with our Applications to address your operational queries. These technologies are where operations, solutions and wider business functions converge, to provide one seamless solution: they are the ever-evolving connection between each of our four core offerings, reinforced by comprehensive end-to end support.

Image by Mitchell Luo

End to End support

Our Support Services enhance the day to day management of information technologies across all business functions. We understand that one size cannot fit all, which is why we provide ongoing end-to-end support - to ensure solutions are integrated and adapted with relative ease. While we pride ourselves in delivering proficient in-house solutions, we strengthen our offering by outsourcing to specialist partners – where their merits acutely align with your needs. It is of paramount importance that you and your team feel comfortable with the change we enable; which is why our products and services are delivered using a collaborative approach, using ongoing two-way communication to constantly refine our products and services.