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Optimize Enterprise Mobile Device Storage & Management

Maximise the use and productivity of your mobile computers, printers, and tablets using Zebra's portfolio of end-to-end device storage solutions, software automation and security applications.

How Do Intelligent Cabinets
Improve Mobile Device Management?

Improve Device Readiness

Consolidate your devices in one location and connect them for reporting, battery charging, access management and more.

  • Batteries = charged

  • Software = updated

  • Device health = checked

Automate Access Management Workflows

Utilise Zebra’s Access Management System™ software to control device access, streamline handovers, and reduce supervisory resource spend.

  • Login processes = automated

  • Device allocation = tracked

  • Workers' time = saved

Protect Devices

Secure devices in an authorized-only intelligent cabinet, and control device issuing while monitoring user engagement.

  • Device losses = reduced

  • Workforce accountability = improved

  • Repairs and replacement costs = minimised


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MiTEQ is an award-winning asset tracking and automation solutions integrator. As one of Zebra Technologies' Premier Partners, MiTEQ has extensive knowledge of their entire IES portfolio, including Zebra Intelligent Cabinets.

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