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Configuration & Deployment

Outsource the delivery of your enterprise mobility solutions to experienced solution experts. We can help you minimize risk and avoid placing unnecessary strain on your IT team. From installation and configuration, right the way through to enrolment and deployment; our solution experts are here to help.


Gold Build:

MiTEQ can provide AVMI with the highest level of service, including a master copy of all the settings and software of the device image.

  • Device Configurations

  • Application(s)

  • Security – lockdown

  • MDM client


Preconfiguring units (in terms of software and settings on the device), building kits including all the accessories, application of screen protectors & protective cases, activation and installation of SIM cards. Essentially, everything you need doing to the devices prior to roll out. We require access to your MDM solution in order to do this.

  • All devices received from MiTEQ & are fully operational

  • All batteries fully charged

  • All service agreements scheduled around delivery plan

  • All devices asset labelled & entered onto MiTEQ’s unique Asset Portal

  • All devices have agreed operating systems & service release

  • Preventative damage measures applied

  • All SIM’s activated when required

  • Shipments according to schedule to multiple locations

  • Shipments put in KIT’s if necessary

  • Training Packages sent as part of KIT (Quick reference guide)

  • All shipments fully tracked

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