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A Strange Truth: Zero Trust Is The Future Of Employee Engagement

A ‘zero trust’ security model might sound impersonal, but this approach to data handling has proven to be better for employee engagement, as well as broader data protection across all business functions. The concept of 'zero trust' refers to systems that require users to legitimize their presence before gaining access to resources within a network. Think of remote portals for universities, or login gateways for work: they aren’t there to alienate users, they are there to protect them, while channelling them towards the information that is most relevant and applicable to them.

With this in mind, MiTEQ's new partnership with NetMotion is enabling us to provide the very best safety, security and connectivity solution to customers. They recently announced the following:

Building on the recent launch of its software defined perimeter solution, NetMotion’s updated platform now offers unparalleled visibility into any device, running any operating system, application and on any network, with new ways to monitor the employee experience in real time. These capabilities empower IT and security teams to optimize, prioritize, notify and configure the technology essential to remote work while reducing risk and aiding productivity and efficiency.”

Furthering the NetMotion’s software empowers IT teams to make better remote diagnostic decisions, as they have more insights to work with and greater tools to tackle device mishaps.

“As everyone has gravitated towards a ‘work from anywhere’ status, IT teams have struggled to support employees. Workers are accessing a wider variety of resources from countless unknown networks, reducing visibility and making it exponentially more difficult for IT to diagnose the root cause of technology failures,” Kenessey (NetMotion) said. “Sadly, our research showed that nearly a quarter of remote workers would rather suffer in silence than engage tech teams. Without dedicated tools to monitor the experience of remote and mobile workers, IT teams are at a disadvantage when diagnosing and resolving technology challenges, and that’s putting greater strain on the IT-business relationship.”

Much of the integrated services that NetMotion offer can be summarized as a means of channeling workforces towards what they need, as they need it, while keeping their data secure; at the same time, it provides businesses with ongoing insights into their users’ behaviors, to enable them to endlessly optimize their use of technology. For these reasons, NetMotion’s ‘no trust’ systems can effectively streamline the interaction of field workers (and beyond) with their cutting -mobile devices, bettering workflow to realize cost-saving efficiencies.

NetMotion’s solutions are especially relevant for businesses operating within the Field Service, and Healthcare (think ‘public sector’). Within our team, Alex Whiting specializes in mobile technology for Field Service organizations, while Mark Gilkes specializes in providing mobile technology to Healthcare businesses. We welcome you to connect with them, or reach out via our Contact Us page, should you want to learn more about how your existing infrastructure can be improved with the integration of cutting edge technologies.

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