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Zebra Technologies’ Self-Diagnostics Tool Will Help You Fix Your Mobile Devices Remotely

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile technology has become even more important for keeping our people connected. Not only has technology allowed organisations to streamline their workflows and manage mission-critical tasks with greater autonomy, it’s also empowered people to collaborate more effectively from a distance. It’s clear that now more than ever, people and businesses are in demand of uninterrupted use of their mobile devices, and it is MiTEQ’s job to connect you with the best enterprise mobility technology solutions to deliver this to our customers.

The Benefits of Self-Diagnostics Tool for Mobile Devices

Fundamentally, the more time handheld devices spend in the repair depot, and the less time they spend out in the field, the more your business’s connectivity and productivity is impacted, as well as your returns. Even where comprehensive device warranty and support programmes cover the cost of visits to a depot, the loss of essential operational technology means that overall efficiency can still be squeezed, especially where devices are found to be fully functioning - which happens a surprising amount.

Where mobile device complications can be verified, they are usually minor enough to require relatively little action - it could be as simple as a device restart or a battery swap. In these instances, repair depots can extend the downtime of your devices where self-diagnostic systems would enable speedier turnarounds and redeployment into the field. As well as this, by minimising human-to-human contact we also reduce the risk of spreading harmful germs between employees.

Arguably, stocking extra substitute devices can avoid any disruption from device operability issues; however, this approach demands an extra cost from the acquisition, configuration, deployment, monitoring and management of these extra devices. Ideally, teams want to avoid the hassle of having to flag service requests with manufacturers and subsequently wait for devices to be troubleshooted, repaired, re-packaged and shipped back to the workspace. The absolute best-case scenario is that device issues can be remedied within the field, by employees, to be made operable again with minimal friction and expenditure. 

Zebra’s Free Diagnostic Tool for Mobile Computer Users

One of MiTEQ’s trusted partners is Zebra Technologies, who are industry leading providers of marking, tracking and computer printing technologies, with decades of experience. Zebra have developed a free Device Diagnostic Tool that can troubleshoot and fix as many device issues as possible without having to send a device to a Zebra Repair Depot. This technology is accessible to any of our customers using Zebra devices.

Once enabled, the tool will automatically identify the major hardware and connectivity components present on that device. From there, users simply have to press a button to check the current device system health. They will also have the option to test just a select individual tests if desired.” – Zebra’s blog on enabling workers to self-diagnose device issues.

If you’re interested in exploring new mobility technology solutions, or improvements to old enterprise mobility technologies, get in touch with one of our employees via the MiTEQ Linkedin page.

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