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Why I Think Operational Leaders Should Be Exploring EVIDEI’s Fixed Asset Management Solution

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hooked on Operational Transformation

For businesses exploring complex asset management and tracking solutions, it’s easy to overlook simple - yet effective – technologies, in pursuit of those that promise complete operational overhauls. Let’s not conflate MiTEQ’s mission: we absolutely advocate transformative change, but providing it is delivered in a way that realises best value for customers. With this in mind, it’s worth mentioning that, in some cases, there are opportunities for immediate gains to be realised, with little-to-no friction between new and existing infrastructure (tablets in hospitality, is a great example).

Technology That is Simple and Necessary?

EVIDEI’s fixed asset management solution is overwhelmingly simple: tag your assets, streamline your inventory counts, replace pen and paper with something more accurate and reliable. Usually, when I write these blogs, I refrain from making them too ‘me, me, me’, but, in this circumstance, it feels important for me to say that I initially questioned whether something so simple was a worthwhile investment for a business (‘surely if it’s all that simple, it can’t be all that necessary?!?’). I worried whether the simplicity of EVIDEI’s solution might actually make it more difficult for a customer to conceive its value.

Having talked to Michal Iľaš from the EVIDEI team - to ensure I understood their core USPs and target markets, and had a firm understanding of the problem their application was solving - I realised that this really is a worthwhile asset management solution for every medium and large-scale organisation.

EVIDEI: Inventory Counts, Asset Lifecycles, Moving on From Pen & Paper

Downloaded onto either a mobile device or desktop computer, workforces are able to use EVIDEI to upload existing inventory logs, and scan barcoded or tagged items to list any number of fixed workplace assets – it could be anything from office chairs, through laptops, to water coolers, and more. Once uploaded onto the app, businesses are able to see a full history of inventory counts, asset status, location and classification – to be updated every time items are scanned, or changed within the system.

MiTEQ: A Full Spectrum Solutions Provider

Looking back, I was right to question the usefulness of EVIDEI; after all, it’s important that our customers know how much consideration goes into new partnerships and ensuring that MiTEQ's solutions are both necessary and worthwhile. I do, however, now realise that simple, purposeful solutions are often the ones that present best value for businesses – through ease of adoption, rollout times and expenditure. And sometimes all we need is an expert to guide us through the benefits, for us to understand the true value in adopting new technology.

If you’re looking to automate inventory counts – or any other aspect of your supply chain - MiTEQ has a full spectrum of label printing, asset tagging and scanning solutions, as well as round-the-clock IT support. Just drop us a message via the Contact Us section of our website.

Will Hamilton-Davies

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