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Tracking T34 Medical Syringe Drivers To Improve The Efficiency Of Frontline Care Teams

Medical syringe drivers account for tens of thousands of pounds' worth of losses for healthcare providers, each year. They are small devices; they are portable; they are often used outside of a hospital's four walls; they are also valuable. The good news is, MiTEQ has worked in partnership with Kinsetsu to develop a solution to the problem of disappearing medical equipment.

In this blog, we will explore why T34 syringe drivers present a challenge for hospital staff, and how real-time locating solutions can be used to prevent losses, maximise productivity and improve patient care.

1) Palliative Care And The Problem Of Disappearing Syringe Drivers

2) Tracking Syringe Drivers With Active Sensors

3) How Hywel Dda University Health Board Tracked T34 Syringe Drivers

4) MiTEQ & Kinsetsu: Delivering A Solution To UK Healthcare Providers

Palliative Care And The Problem Of Disappearing Syringe Drivers

T34 syringe drivers are predominantly used to deliver pain relief medicine, like Morphine, to patients during palliative care. As portable devices, they are used across a range of locations, including hospitals, hospices and other community settings such as patient homes.

Given that these pieces of equipment are used for end-of-life care, relatives of patients often inherit devices, unaware of their value or that they need to be returned, or wondering where they have come from and who they should be returned to. At the same time, hospitals struggle to see precisely where the syringe drivers are, which makes it difficult to organise collections or returns.

In the case of one hospital, clinical health staff discovered that they were missing 28 of their 29 T34 syringe drivers, each valued at over £2000. After contacting "all departments at the hospital and every rest home throughout [their city]", they still only recovered 16 of their 29 drivers, equating to a loss of almost £30000.

The problem of disappearing T34 syringe drivers is costing healthcare providers time and money. So, what's the solution?

Tracking Syringe Drivers With Active Sensors

Using a combination of active sensors, SIM trackers and software - plus any relevant devices and infrastructure - hospitals can implement a real-time location system that shows precisely where medical syringe drivers are located, in real-time. Hospitals would also benefit from full audit trails throughout each asset's lifecycle.

Dashboards are accessible for regular reporting, and the cloud delivery and remote support for this solution would make an initial deployment both seamless and straightforward.

Heard enough to want to contact our team of healthcare specialists about a solution for your organisation? If not, learn about a case study with Hywel Dda University Health Board, below.

How Hywel Dda University Health Board Tracked T34 Syringe Drivers

Hywel Dda University Health Board spent 18 months deploying a system to track their T34 syringe drivers. They trialled several asset tracking solutions for both community and acute-based medical devices.

The hospital had sites located across a large rural geographic area and needed to generate a fully automated solution for medical device tracking. The locationing solution deployed now ensures that devices are not lost or missed when their respective servicing is required.

A spokesperson for Hywel Dda University Health Board said:

“These challenges are varied, from being unable to locate devices, to ensuring that all Information Governance and Cyber security protocols comply with national requirements. The project has helped us move towards a safer environment for our patients, through more effective medical device management.”

MiTEQ & Kinsetsu: Delivering A Solution To UK Healthcare Providers

MiTEQ is positioned to help your healthcare facility seamlessly integrate an asset tracking solution for T34 syringe drivers and other key assets. In partnership with Kinsetsu, we can help you enable clinicians to locate and control assets in real-time, as well as receive alerts when assets are approaching end-of-life deadlines or require a scheduled service or upgrade.

Reach out to our team of asset tracking, management and mobility specialists to explore a solution for your organisation.

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