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The Future of Labelling: Compliant, Cloud-Based Solutions

With a growing demand for remote working solutions, and an increase in public awareness relating to cloud computing technologies, it's not surprising that that revenues for Cloud services are forecasted to grow by 23% in 2021. Business leaders can use these services to minimise costs, while maximising supply chain flexibility, mobility, and insight, among other things.

Up until recently, labelling processes have been a much overlooked part of the supply chain infrastructure. That being said, with remote working on the rise and businesses having to manage more of their processes from afar - without sacrificing speed, quality or convenience - the once hidden problem of inadequate, outdated labelling processes has come to light.

Cloud-based labelling solutions are being adopted by the likes of medical device manufacturers, food and beverage businesses, and even global leaders in logistics, enabling them to adhere to regulations, improve workflows and quality assurance processes, all through one single, easy-to-deploy solution. In this blog we'll be exploring the pains of outdated labelling systems, and the benefits of deploying cloud-based labelling solutions.

1) Why Legacy Systems Need Simplifying

2) The Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Labelling Solution

3) A Case Study: Würth

Why Legacy Systems Need Simplifying

With technology evolving, and innovation becoming an increasingly important part of business strategies, business leaders are looking for better ways to maximise profitability, minimise costs, and realise new efficiencies. This pressure has been compounded by the rise of ecommerce.

For businesses managing a multitude of products from different suppliers, labelling processes can be unnecessarily complex. While outdated labelling systems require users to manage a combination of different standards and formats, modern cloud-based labelling solutions can standardise formats while simplifying processes.

The Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Labelling Solution

Cloud labelling solutions are a brilliant option for businesses looking to digitize their processes. As an overview cloud-based labelling solutions can enable your business to:

- Eliminate the burden of suppliers having to manage their own labelling systems. With as little as a username, password and internet-connected device, designs can be stored, managed and distributed accordingly.

- Minimize security risks and improve operational compliancy. With labelling managed centrally and within the cloud, users can be authenticated before being granted access, and designs can be seamlessly updated and pushed to third-parties, offering greater quality assurances.

- Deploy cloud-based systems instantaneously, without the hassle of lengthy onboarding processes.

- Guarantee the same label output, no matter what printer brand or technology a supplier uses. This makes cloud-based labelling especially useful for third-party logistics companies.

A Case Study: Würth

A combination of supplies Würth delivers to the Construction sector - courtesy of Wurth International

The Würth Group is the global market leader for supplying fastening and assembly materials to the Construction sector. Spanning across 80 countries with over 77,000 employees on its payroll, the Würth Group represents a hugely complex challenge for IT experts.

The Vision:

Würth’s goal was to invest in modern, digital systems. Having introduced Würth System One (WS1) - an enterprise resource planning system based on SAP - they were having to manage interfaces to a number of support systems within logistics and production, including labelling. They needed a labelling solution that was effortless to deploy, seamlessly integrated within existing IT infrastructures, and effective at standardising systems across the board.

The Solution:

Würth implemented NiceLabel’s web printing solution for their supplier labelling. Around180 suppliers in 15 countries are now using NiceLabel’s web printing solution. NiceLabel was able to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. The system contained 10 label layouts that were designed in cooperation with NiceLabel. As of September 2018, Würth’s suppliers print approximately 8.5 million labels a year using NiceLabel’s web printing solution.

How can I replicate such success?

MiTEQ is working with business leaders across a broad range of sectors, marrying up business needs - and customer demands - with technologies that can improve efficiencies, expenditure and customer experiences.

If you're wishing to explore solutions for your business, visit our Contact Us page. One of our specialists will reach out to discuss the work we are doing with similar companies, and the options available for you to elevate your processes and optimise your operations.

Contact Us.

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