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Simplify Your Material Handling Processes Using RFID & Mobile Technology Solutions

Zebra Technology’s 2024 Warehouse Vision Study stated that around 1 in 5 warehousing decision-makers are planning to use RFID and location technology solutions for picking, packing, and inventory management by 2024.

It’s not surprising that material handling experts are rapidly adopting RTLS (real-time locating systems), given that they integrate so seamlessly with barcode technology, while offering additional benefits, such as:

  • Improved data accuracy and availability

  • Digitised asset tracking and inventory management

  • Time and money savings through automation

  • Greater compliance, health and safety regulation

  • Enhanced visibility and control of production processes

  • End-to-end asset traceability (and quality assurance)

  • Increased revenues

Returnable items represent a perfect opportunity for RFID tagging. One industry whitepaper states that “there are hardly any limitations in the use of RFID-based systems [for returnable item tracking], as there are RFID tags suitable for almost all cases and environmental conditions. Furthermore, in an RFID based system, high-volume reading can be easily automated without slow and error-prone manual steps.”

Alex Whiting, Managing Director at MiTEQ, says “RFID technology isn’t always right for your business, which is why we focus on putting problems before products, and understanding what customers are trying to achieve, or overcome, as well as what systems they are already using, before we deliver a solution. Where RFID is the right solution, customers are seeing benefits to automation, visibility, and productivity.”

A much-overlooked part of customers' AutoID journeys is the user experience of employees using mobile devices. Workflows can be overcomplicated by simple configuration issues, such as too many buttons being presented for users to choose from, when only one or two options are relevant to their role, or day-to-day tasks. In these cases, businesses can drive efficiency by modernising layouts and streamlining digital workflows - improving productivity, minimising errors, and increasing throughput. We would always encourage you to reach out if this is something you want to explore.

For anyone managing a large estate of mobile devices - be it for barcode or RFID use cases - solutions like Zebra Technologies' Intelligent Cabinets are optimal for secure storage, automated device provisioning, and effortless device tracking and usage analytics.

David Degrassi, a specialist in enterprise mobile computing, says that, “if a single worker’s mobile device goes down – or missing – for just a few minutes, productivity can be dramatically reduced and customers impacted. Even short recovery delays can compound and create longer fulfilment delays.”

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets have been developed with over 15 years of experience, and offer a portfolio of both standardised modular and customised storage solutions, to enable optimum business continuity and efficiencies in warehouse, transportation, logistics, and retail operations.

MiTEQ: Specialists In Mobile Technology & Real-Time Locating Systems

All in all, RFID and mobile technology solutions can help almost every organisation to simplify operations and increase efficiencies. Working with some of the largest Retail, Transport, and Logistics enterprises, MiTEQ can help you explore new ways of tracking and managing assets, digitally. If you are looking to transform the way you manage goods - or find a reliable supplier to help you deploy and maintain great mobile technology solutions - challenge us to help you.

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