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"I Want To Improve Picking And Packing Productivity Without Modifying My WMS System"

With a new on-demand economy emerging, businesses are being pressured to focus on convenience and flexibility as a primary metric for success. As a result, behind the scenes,

warehouses are having to fulfil a greater number of orders, faster than ever before, and all while cutting costs to preserve profit margins.

Sure, an effective Warehouse Management System (WMS) can streamline operations on a macro level, but...

1. Make better use of ground-level experience to improve workflows and productivity

2. The key benefits of FulfillmentEdge

3. I Want To Deploy FulfillmentEdge - What Next?

How can businesses make better use of ground-level experience to improve their workflows and overall productivity?

FulfillmentEdge is a solution that bridges the gap between warehouse pickers and Warehouse Management Systems. It uses WMS information collected via WiFi access points and RFID systems to create dynamic workflows. In action, this equips workers with

intuitive screens and clear, real-time step-by-step instructions, to enable them to pick multiple orders, simultaneously, based on their location and the location of various other assets around them. This has been shown to improve picker productivity by as much as 24%.

As an example, think of a rush order coming in for same-day shipping. FulfillmentEdge can instantly identify workers who are picking along a path that includes the location of items in that rush order and automatically update the work order to enable fulfillment in record time.

A rather substantial side-note on FulfillmentEdge is that - because of the simplicity of its interface - studies have demonstrated up to a 90% reduction in onboarding and training times for new workers. This is especially relevant for businesses that undergo seasonal shifts in picking demand, as well as those regularly acquiring new recruits.

What are the key benefits of FulfillmentEdge?

There are several key reasons for deploying FulfillmentEdge, many of which we've touched on in the previous section. In summary, they are:

- No modifications required for existing WMS or ERP systems

- Consolidates existing IT infrastructure

- Boosts picking productivity by as much as 24%

- Reduces onboarding times for new workers by as much as 90%

I Want To Deploy FulfillmentEdge - What Next?

If you haven't implemented RFID systems, we can start by working with you to deploy the necessary IT infrastructure. This alone will realise some initial savings and efficiencies. We can then work with solution experts from Zebra Technologies to implement FulfillmentEdge. If you need anything else along the way, we'll be there to point you in the right direction.

If you already have progressive IT infrastructure in place and would like to explore FulfillmentEdge, visit our Contact Us page.

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