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One Addition To Your Mobile Devices Could Save Your Healthcare Facility 800 Shifts Per Year

Healthcare clinicians are constantly having to juggle between secure, compliant ways of working and the delivery of speedy and efficient patient care. As their jobs become more mobile - with the integration of mobile devices and digitalised care - it's important that IT teams are able to seamlessly authenticate users and ensure the right people are using the right equipment, in a secure and compliant way.

Some of the most time-consuming jobs for IT revolve around the onboarding of new staff members, and some of the most inconvenient (yet essential) tasks revolve around having to manually log into devices using long, complex UIDs and passwords.

It might not surprise you that, in a healthcare facility using 200 shared mobile devices - and with clinicians logging in just 8 times a shift - over 9,000 hours can be spent entering usernames and passwords, every year.

Imprivata can improve:

Onboarding (60-minutes down to 5)

Login Times (From minutes to seconds)

Reducing Onboarding From 60 Minutes To 5

Imprivata's digital identity solution can reduce onboarding times from upwards of 60 minutes, per staff member, to as little as five. Where once access was manually toggled using a reactive system that relied on workers to request access and await permission, now you can automate data gathering and processing, and streamline the onboarding process - from start, to finish.

With Imprivata, healthcare facilities can enable their IT department to create pre-defined roles and distribute access accordingly. Access and data can still be manually tweaked, but the initial onboarding process is automated, reducing onboarding times to just a fraction of what they were before.

Reduce Log-in Times By 75%

Furthering this, Imprivata's OneSign application eliminates the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords. Imprivata OneSign allows clinicians to quickly and securely access clinical and administrative applications, streamlining clinical workflows and driving improved adoption of central IT systems. It's not unusual for single users to sign in on behalf of a team practitioners - for the sake of convenient device sharing - and with this solution, both hospitals and their staff benefit from being compliant.

Save care providers 45 minutes every shift, improve satisfaction levels across the board, and driving system adoption by integrating a single software solution onto your mobile devices.

I Want To Enquire About Imprivata

All in all, Imprivata's digital identity solutions have been shown to yield an average return of 336% over three years. While Imprivata's software can only be procured via a trust partner, like MiTEQ, we are also able to refresh, refurbish and repair your existing mobile estate, helping you to consider broader connectivity solutions and cutting-edge IT infrastructure.

If you'd like to reach out to the MiTEQ team, we'd recommend you email or visit our Contact Us page.

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