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“My Mobile Devices Run On Windows: How Can I Modernise Systems Without Paying For A New WMS?"

Leaders in Warehousing and Manufacturing will already be aware that Windows Operating Systems for mobile devices are turning “end of life”. With Microsoft no longer issuing security patches and software updates for Windows CE & Windows Mobile, there’s a conversation to be had around migration, and how to adopt new technologies without having to overhaul existing systems.

While MiTEQ’s regular blogs tend to focus on broader industry trends and supply chain solutions, this article will specifically help those businesses currently sweating their legacy devices, and explore the key ways in which IT (Information Technology) and Operational leaders can avoid paying eye-watering sums of money to equip their Warehouse Management Systems with the means of adopting newer devices.

1) The Key Reasons To Migrate Systems

2) The Cost Of Changing Your Existing Warehouse Management System

3) Adopting New Technologies Without Changing WMS

4) Who Can I Speak To About This Today?

The Key Reasons To Migrate Systems

It’s important to remember that, while your legacy Windows devices can exist unsupported, there are significant benefits to utilising modern Android systems.

Security patches & Updates

With Microsoft no longer releasing updates and security patches for Windows CE & Windows Mobile, devices that continue to run on those systems are going to gradually become more vulnerable to hackers, malware and ransomware. The longer time goes on, the less relevant your product manuals and documentation will become, and the more difficult it will be for your IT teams to effectively manage your systems.

We’ve dealt with clients that have wanted to withhold updates from devices because they don’t always like the way it disrupts their ongoing operations. Fortunately, you don’t have to stay on legacy devices to manage these updates. We can work with you to refresh your legacy device estate, and empower you with the means of managing system updates, in the process.

Protected customer information

With outdated systems compromising data security, your customers’ information is put at risk. For businesses managing anything like medical records – or any other types of sensitive information – modern systems are the best way to not only ensure customer data is held in a safe and secure way, but also ensure that data isn’t lost as a result of unpredictable lapses in system functionality.

Best-in-class third-party software

As newer operating systems emerge, Microsoft's unsupported systems will lose their ability to host modern third-party applications. If you cannot host these applications, you won't be able to utilise tools for traffic optimisation, connectivity, digital identity management, and data encryption, among others. Instead of your systems lagging behind while others' evolve, system migration can enable you to continue paving the way for continued success.

The perks of an Android OS

When it comes to system migration, there are a multitude of reasons why Android operating systems are attractive for business leaders. As a brief overview, some of those benefits include:

- Lower implementation and support costs

- Regular security updates

- A greater range of devices to choose from

- Millions of mobile apps - testament to the fact that Android is an open-source platform

The Cost Of Changing Your Existing Warehouse Management System

If you're currently managing a mobile device estate comprising of legacy devices running on Windows OS, you likely relate device migrations to huge, seemingly unecessary and inconvenient costs. Not to mention the pain of moving away from systems many long-time employees are familiar and comfortable with. Changes to your Warehouse Management Systems can cost hundreds-of-thousands - often millions, for larger-scale organisations - and many business leaders fear this is their only way of migrating effectively. Fortunately for you, there are tools available to help you embrace modern technologies without altering your existing WMS, and while keeping a consistent look and feel to your systems, should you want or need to.

Adopting New Technologies Without Changing A WMS

MiTEQ work in close partnership with Ivanti Wavelink. Ivanti's SAP S/4HANA certified Android migration solution is designed to enable mobile device migrations and modernization without the high costs of modification or replacement of your WMS host systems. Velocity offers the technology and support to help you make the transition easier, faster, and risk-free for various Warehouse Management Systems, from SAP to Oracle, or Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder, and countless other home-developed applications.

With Ivanti Velocity you can:

- Accelerate Data Capture: Gain advanced control of device-specific barcode scanning

- Maintain User Experience: Easily port web apps from Naurtech CETerm or Wavelink Industrial Browser to preserve worker familiarity.

- Boost Productivity: Ensure that workers complete tasks faster with powerful scripting and automation of redundant tasks.

- Increase Accuracy: Reduce data entry errors by only displaying keys that make sense for a given field.

- Minimize Risk: Embrace next generation mobile devices with the stability of accessing existing, trusted enterprise apps.

- Enable Multi-tasking: Run multiple web sessions, and even simultaneously connect to mainframe apps.

- Voice-enabled: add voice easily to your existing apps

The MiTEQ team can work with you to make the most of Android migration, improving customer satisfaction and workforce productivity along the way.

Who Can I Speak To About This Today?

You can reach out to the MiTEQ team via the Contact Us section of our website. We can manage all or some of the complete consultancy, deployment, maintenance and support process, and help you align your operations with the most cutting-edge RTLS and asset management solutions.

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