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MiTEQ's Team Is Growing: Account Director And Healthcare Lead And Digital Marketing Executive

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

MiTEQ is working to become the best, most effective, people-first provider of technology solutions – it’s one of the things Alex Whiting mentioned in his founding blog about What MiTEQ Aspires to be – and so, we figured it was about time we recruited more talented team players to join our family. As MiTEQ’s focus is on using close-working partnerships with industry-leading technology solution providers to enable us to deliver specific, tailored solutions to businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors (notably Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and Field Services), we are looking to recruit people that have the ability to understand the wants and needs of our customers in a diverse range of environments. On that note, let’s meet our new Account Director for Healthcare leads…

Mark Gilkes: Account Director & Healthcare Lead

Corporate photography image of Mark Gilkes, the Healthcare Lead at MiTEQ

Mark has worked within the Healthcare sector for over 25 years, 15 of which has been spent working in the NHS in senior IT management positions. Through his experience working for and with the NHS over the last 10 years, he has developed an acute understanding of clinical processes, applications, and effective consultancy work, all of which make him great at identifying new opportunities for adopting new technologies and solutions. We are excited to see Mark lead, grow and inspire MiTEQ's Healthcare business, working alongside our valued customers to enable greater experiences for their patients, customers and staff.

How do you approach customers’ operational queries?

Having operated from both sides of the fence - working both internally for the NHS and externally as a consultant - It's not surprising that I've found the best approach to implementing new technologies involves listening to the specific pains, problems or queries of each individual customer, and addressing them with solutions that feel tailored, specific and worthwhile. I'm aware of how busy healthcare professionals are - especially in the current climate - so ensuring clear focal points enables both sides to generate maximum value from solutions.

In what areas can MiTEQ add value?

There's a statistic out there somewhere which says nurses waste at least an hour every shift looking for items and equipment. Whether it's tracking down a ventilator or changing the ribbon on a printer, these clinicians are highly skilled people that deserve to spend more time focusing on their primary roles. Our solutions enable real-time visibility of essential items and equipment so that staff members can operate with greater ease, efficacy and productivity.

Who is your ideal customer?

It's always a pleasure to work with organisations that have a genuine interest in using transformative technology to improve the service they provide, as well as the work routine of their staff, who should feel empowered to focus more on their main roles. I welcome conversations with senior clinicians, procurers and IT professionals within the Healthcare sector.

We welcome you to message Mark Gilkes for healthcare related queries.

Will Hamilton-Davies: Digital Marketing Executive

A corporate photography image of Will Hamilton-Davies, MiTEQ's new Digital Marketing Executive

Since graduating from a degree in Journalism, Media and Culture, Will has worked as a digital marketer, typically working with B2C (Business-to-Consumer) brands. Having already spent time working with our team to formulate MiTEQ’s launch website - while crowdfunding the publication of his first childrens’ book, The Shrew with the Flu (at age 22!) - we’re extremely excited to see Will bring his drive, creativity, copywriting and community building skills to our Digital Marketing functions. We want MiTEQ to represent the convergence between ultimate value added and personality, and Will is going to be a big part of communicating that.

What are you hoping to bring to MiTEQ’s digital channels?

I’m excited to help energise MiTEQ digital presence. Enterprise mobility technology solutions are varied and many; And, despite having grown up hearing a lot about them, I’m still learning lots and lots of new information every single day. As I continue delving into the offerings of MiTEQ’s partner solutions, I hope to use my B2C (Business to Consumer) experience to simplify the reasons for integrating their technologies, and present the ways in which they can add value to everyday business operations with enhanced relevance, relatability and engagement. We want to be a more colourful company than we’ve traditionally seen in this sector – I can help realise that.

Who are MiTEQ looking to reach with their communications?

Right now, our team is communicating with operational leaders in medium and large-scale organisations. Our priority is to build upon strong, customer-centric foundations, continuously proving and celebrating the value enterprise mobility technology solutions can add to businesses, across variety of sectors and applications.

We welcome you to message Will Hamilton-Davies for Marketing related queries.

For all other enquiries: CONTACT US

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