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MiTEQ Milestones: Specialisms, Awards, New Managed Service Offerings & More

Wanting to make sure we're taking the time to celebrate the progress MiTEQ is making, both as a solutions provider, and as a community, we thought we would dedicate a quarterly post to recent achievements we feel proud of, as a business. Within this blog we'll look at:

1) Achieving New Specialisms & Awards

2) Announcing More Managed Service Offerings

3) Establishing A Community That Cares

4) Announcements To Look Forward To

Achieving New Specialisms & Awards

We mentioned in a previous update that MiTEQ recently achieved Solution Partner status with Zebra Technologies. Since then - and within MiTEQ's first year of trading as a provider of RTLS and asset management technologies - we've added to that achievement with a new specialism for RFID technology. Having also been shortlisted for a South West Business award, the aim now is to continue building out our specialisms, and offering more tailored support to our customers - to reaffirm the value of the solutions we're providing.

Announcing More Managed Services Offerings

We've kept this one rather quiet...

MiTEQ can support the complete enrolment (or auto-enrolment) of all enterprise devices for our customers - installing business applications, assigning IMEI's, attaching accessories, SIM cards and more. Customers will be able to access 24/7 support, as well as flexible monthly licensing agreements, to save them both time and money.

If you are overseeing projects that involve the deployment and support of new mobile devices or asset management technologies, reach out via our Contact Us page and have a conversation with a member of the team. Chances are, we can simplify your management processes and optimise your ongoing costs.

Establishing A Community That Cares

The growing support for our MiTEQ LinkedIn page, and team as a whole, has been a real encouragement. From wine-tasting socials to Christmas riddlesAs we continue to hit new milestones, we hope to celebrate success through more initiatives that give back to the local community. We look forward to finding new ways of doing this, and welcome any partners - with fresh ideas for joint initiatives - to get in touch. It's important that we create relationships that matter, and we'll be patient in finding local communities where our efforts can have a meaningful impact for the longer-term.

Announcements To Look Forward To

So, what's in store for MiTEQ over the next few months?

Well, we hope to expand on some of the exciting projects we are working on behind-the-scenes, announce new specialisms, partnerships and community initiatives. We aim to bridge conversations with more senior businesspeople, supporting everything from strategic transformation to everyday business needs.

It you are hoping to improve workforce productivity, workflow automation, supply chain visibility or general asset management, we welcome you to reach out.

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