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MiTEQ Awarded "Best Start-Up of the Year" at The Business Exchange’s Awards: The Techies

The Techies Awards Ceremony celebrates the amazing tech innovation happening in and around the Swindon and Wiltshire community. It shines a light on organisations, projects and individuals undertaking outstanding work in their fields.

Following a year of rapid growth and success within the Auto-ID sector - contributing towards some of the industry's largest RFID projects, while consistently investing into its community initiatives and #GiveBack charities - MiTEQ was awarded the “Best Tech Start-Up” award at The Techies. This award is presented to "Swindon and Wiltshire’s most promising [technology] start-up".

Alex Whiting, Managing Director at MiTEQ, says:

"The MiTEQ team have been blown away by the progress made over the past 2+ years. The types of companies that have given us an opportunity to prove ourselves – sometimes in place of long-standing industry giants – has been mind-blowing. To win a tangible, respected, local award would, first and foremost, be the perfect thank-you to all the customers that have given us that opportunity, and to the MiTEQ employees and partners that have gone above and beyond to develop a culture of collaboration, expertise, and innovation.
This award will spur us on for the next phase of MiTEQ’s growth, and act as a perfect reminder for the MiTEQ community that proactivity, great customer service, and putting people at the forefront of conversations, is a truly winning business strategy.”

MiTEQ: Experts In Asset Tracking, Management, & Mobility Solutions

Our team has successfully executed on a decades' worth of enterprise technology rollouts. We currently support the management of thousands of mobile devices, hundreds-of-thousands of mobile workers, and soon-to-be millions of intelligently tagged mobile assets.

We can help you explore the right enterprise technology to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and improve the day-to-day efficiency of your business. Let us know what your aspirations are for this year and beyond; we can help your realise them.

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