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MiTEQ: A New Perspective On Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The last three months have been unpredictable, to say the least. Undoubtedly, efforts to transform supply chains and innovate business practices have been accelerated by Government guidelines - which have focused attention on better remote-working and safer, more efficient production lines. Those on the frontline have had to develop more effective ways of executing tasks such as picking and packing, while managers overseeing operations have had to develop the surrounding infrastructure - often with the aim of improving asset visibility. It's important to note that this pressure to change comes at a time when many businesses have restricted budgets. While the circumstances encouraging such change is unwelcomed, it does force us to add value in the most effective and efficient ways.

As a young start-up, MiTEQ is also impacted by the peaks and troughs of the economy, but we are choosing to embrace the ups and downs as an opportunity to learn. Where other organisations are focusing their time on nurturing core business, we have accepted that MiTEQ's biggest strength is being able to focus 100% of our efforts on innovation. Where problems are surface-level and demand is urgent, we have a tightly-knit team that can design and deploy solutions at lightning speed; and where problems are complex, we can take the time to learn the ins and outs of your processes, liaise with our trusted partners to ensure specialist advice and support, and guide you through the pros and cons of deploying different asset tracking and management solutions. Along the way, we are able to zoom in on the crux of your pains, challenges and aspirations. It is this ability to empathise with our customers, and understand challenges from a broad range of perspectives - from the most senior directors to the most active frontline employees - that allows us to deliver seamless first-class solutions. Our ability to lead with first-principal solutions is what makes us unique.

Let's expand on a few of those points...

Understanding Your Aspirations

Before piecing together an innovative solution, it's important that we start our conversation talking about your role within the business, as well as your aspirations and priorities for the project/s at hand. Perhaps there isn't a project in place, but you know you have a problem and you need help finding a solution. Once we clarify some objectives, we can start to develop an idea of what needs to be prioritised, and listen to the most pressing challenges you're facing with regards to supply chain management and operational visibility. These insights enable us to put ourselves in your shoes - see where solutions from similar projects can be applied - and attempt to formulate solutions that are tailored and specific. This problem-solving approach ensures the right software and hardware technologies are rolled out at the right time, and helps ensure that the problems we are tackling are critical and important. You'd be surprised at how quickly we can develop a worthwhile solution for almost any sized business.

Appreciating The Challenges Of Transformation

Information and education are key throughout these processes. We welcome questions about the specifics of our solutions, and if we can't answer a question, we will always put you in contact with someone that can. Solutions work best where project managers have a firm understanding of what they are rolling out and why so in cases where business leaders are exploring new mobility technologies, we always encourage customers to ask questions and talk with our experts until they feel satisfied that they understand where our value is being added.

When it comes to transformative solutions, you need to be sure that employees feel comfortable adopting technologies, IT teams have access to ongoing support, and senior management have the insight to communicate added value to the rest of the business. It's important to us that we help you overcome those challenges.

Being Dynamic, Flexible Problem-Solvers

We are problem-solvers at heart. We are developing a team of specialist industry-leading partners, to ensure we have the continued breadth of skills and expertise to deliver the greatest enterprise mobility solutions for any-sized project across a full spectrum of verticals.

Whether you need us to take on a small element of a big project, or the entire nationwide rollout, we can deliver the technology, expertise and time to ensure everything runs smoothly. For anyone that's still reading, it's important that we mention the concept of a "solution" can make it sound like we want to do everything at once; And, as nice as that would be, it's more about finding out the places where your supply chain can be improved, and chipping away at it, one project at a time. The end result should always feel like one super-connective solution. At the end of the day, that is what MiTEQ is here to do: connect organisations with the right people and the right technologies to realise some worthwhile, transformative change.

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