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Investing In Pangea's 5G Technology Is Worth It For Your Business, Let Us Tell You Why

As the BBC state in their article, What is 5G and what will it mean for you, “5G is the next generation of internet connection and offers much faster download and upload speeds… [It will be] used by network operators as a way to boost capacity on existing 4G core networks, to ensure a more consistent service for customers.”

5G is the natural progression of communication technologies; it far exceeds the capabilities of 4G, which is why we are ensuring every MiTEQ customer has access to its benefits. If you aren’t currently one of our customers, feel free to Contact Us so we can discuss the ways in which our mobility technology solutions can optimise your supply chain management.

The Future of Enterprise Mobility: 5G

As you can imagine, the conception of 5G technologies is extremely helpful for businesses relying on enterprise mobility technology within their supply chains. As 5G is much better at handling lots of mobile devices simultaneously, from handheld scanners to RTLS tags, businesses will be able to build more complex webs of interconnected technology, to make their operations run even more efficiently while keeping management more empowered than ever with ongoing actionable insights. Consistency in connectivity is the future of mobile devices, and we are pleased to announce that it is here.

“It is an incredibly exciting time for Pangea and our valued partners as we add 5G solutions to our portfolio, the response has been fantastic, and the opportunities are coming thick and fast. The real opportunity for all us in helping our customers transition from 4G to 5G is not solely based on “the same but faster” - the additional benefits come in the form of low latency and the ability to connect up to 1 million devices per square kilometre. 5G will be the real force behind smart cities, driverless cars and a truly connected world." – Bernie McPhilips, Sales Director at Pangea.

Pangea’s Brand New 5G Router

Fortunately for MiTEQ customers, Pangea have spent months “testing and tinkering”, working on a brand new 5G router that is now available for us to supply. Just reach out to a member of our team and we can ensure you have a router, SIM and coverage checker to hand, ready to get started.

The Perks:

- Full access to all 5G networks in the UK and beyond. And it can be set up to either use those networks exclusively or prefer 5G networks and default to the strongest 4G signal if 5G is unavailable.

- Speed tests across London averaged at 270 Mbps (4.5x the speeds of 4G at the same spots).

- Its rugged, weather-resistant body enables it to be used outdoors or in hectic industrial environments.

- Ultimate ease of use; just pop a SIM into the router, boot it up, and choose a few simple configuration settings.

If you would like to discuss using 5G with your business, or any of our other solutions, drop us a message via Linkedin.

Drop us a message via with the subject line 'Communication Technology' if you'd like to explore upgrading your businesses communication technologies.

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