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How Coop Used A Cloud-Based Labelling Solution To Improve Speed & Accuracy, While Reducing Errors

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The likes of Operations, IT and Quality Assurance professionals within Supermarket, Food, Beverage and Hospitality brands are being pressured to meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements for product labelling. With the European Commission considering a new labelling framework that may rely on companies to provide extensive data relating to sustainability and nutritional information, companies will want to ensure labelling and data-capture systems are optimised to comply without additional hassle.

Within this blog, we will look at how Co-op seamlessly integrated a cloud-based labelling solution to future-proof their operations for future compliancy regulations, while improving the overall efficiency of their operations. We will also consider solutions to improve data capture throughout supply chains.

1) A Case Study: Co-op

2) The Vision: Dynamic Multi-Site Labelling

3) The Solution: Unified (SAP Certified) Cloud Labelling

4) Real-Time Location System Solutions

A Case Study: Co-op

Coop is one of the largest retailers in Europe, with over 86,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 20 billion. The production companies process a wide variety of food and beverage products, including chocolate, bananas, grains, mineral water, wine, vinegar and baked goods, and print a wide variety of labels, including article labels - containing allergen, ingredient and nutrition information - packaging labels, and pallet labels.

The Vision: Dynamic Multi-Site Labelling

With an existing estate of over 600 printers, spread across various production sites, Coop's goal was to modernise their labelling, printing information in three different languages and managing formats depending on the location of bakeries providing goods for distribution. It was an ambitious goal, but one that was totally achievable with the right expertise to guide the integration of the right technical solutions.

The Solution: Unified (SAP Certified) Cloud Labelling

Coop implemented the NiceLabel Label Management System, unifying their multitude of SAP design and printing systems, and simplifying 10 different labelling interfaces into one. They are saving valuable production time and preventing unnecessary product reworking due to labelling errors. Rather than making multiple versions of label templates to match different printers, Coop can now use universal templates that maintain the correct, approved label format, regardless of the printer type or resolution.

Key functionality:

- Approval processes are built into the system

- Regional and regulatory requirements are easily adhered to

Explore the latest regulatory requirements for Food & Beverage businesses, and how a cloud Enterprise Labelling system can streamline workflows & ensure compliancy without excessive manual intervention.

Real-Time Location System Solutions

MiTEQ specialise in consulting, deploying and supporting holistic asset management and RTLS (Real-Time Location System) solutions. For the vast majority of projects, our work revolves around understanding project aspirations, and working closely with business leaders to integrate the right technologies to deliver efficiency-driving transformation.

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