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Giving Back: What Does MiTEQ's New Year’s Resolution Mean To You?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

A Year of Great Technological Change

Charmaine J. Forde stated that “2020 [was] a year of repositioning, a year of change”, and while the many twists and turns of 2020 would be difficult to summarise in such few words, “change” feels about as all-encompassing as it gets.

As a mobility technology start-up, the MiTEQ team have encountered a whole world of change over the last year. Not only was 2020 our first year as a fully-fledged business, it was also the year the world started to perceive the power of technology and supply chain innovation for things like managing remote work, minimising human-to-human contact and maximising waste reduction across businesses. It's been great to see mobility technologies spending more time in the spotlight, even if the circumstances have been unfortunate.

So, with the new year well underway, it feels important for us to jot down a few ideas about our priorities for 2021. While this year will still be far from ordinary, it seems like on the whole, people are feeling much more positive about 2021. Just looking at the Guardian's survey of 6000 people - in which they asked respondents to summarise 2020 in one word, as well as their feelings about 2021 - it was nice to see a whole lot fewer expletives and a whole lot more references to hope, optimism and promise. So, what are MiTEQ hoping to achieve in 2021?

What 2021 Means For MiTEQ

Our core focus has always been to connect businesses with problem-solving asset tracking and management technologies. That can mean standardising labelling processes for private healthcare facilities, connecting transportation businesses with route-optimisation technologies and paperless workflows, or tagging high-value items to ensure businesses know asset status and location at all hours of the day. Every combination of technologies is varied and different, and the most exciting part of our job is streamlining the exploration process for customers and channelling their attention towards the best suited technologies for their individual challenges. Everything we do revolves around problem-solving, and helping organisations to be better, which is exactly why, this year, MiTEQ's commitments revolve around the theme of "giving back".

Giving Back To Businesses

Business leaders are looking for simplicity, consistency and reliability in their operational processes; And yet, so many operations professionals are still neglecting opportunities presented by automation, machine-learning and artificial intelligence, for better whole-life asset management. In some cases, this is because the true value of asset tracking and management technologies isn't made clear enough, and in other circumstances the solutions available demand more simplification.

Our team tries to prioritise simplicity, as well as problem-based solutions, tackling the root cause of inefficiencies while empowering customers with information. It's important to us that we empower customers with knowledge, and we always strive to present clear ideas about how your operational vision can be scaled down to the now. We've found this approach makes for much better relationships with customers, and as MiTEQ continues to work with businesses to realise new efficiencies and optimise workflows, we intend to give back to businesses by realising new cost-saving efficiencies, empowering their workforces with actionable insights, and by improving employee competency and awareness.

Giving Back To Employees

MiTEQ's values are reinforced by the talent of our team. As we expand on our specialisms in sectors like Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Retail and more, we are working to ensure that every prospective customer can be paired with a professional that completely understands the wants, needs and challenges of their business. In order to this, it's of paramount importance that we continue to be seen as a dynamic and progressive workplace, and one that is accommodating to all kinds of specialities, backgrounds and interests. The single most important factor for anyone that wants to work with MiTEQ is that they are motivated to create change in the world around them, and open to listening and learning from the experiences of others.

We hope to give back to the MiTEQ team by continuing to motivate, inspire and incentivise. We want people to love working with us, and we are working to set the foundations of a truly energising workspace. We are right at the beginning of an exciting journey, and we have big aspirations for the development of our workplace, culture and community. Giving back to employees will be an ongoing theme as we grow.

Giving Back To The Community

It would be difficult to mention our workplace without touching on the ways in which we aspire to help our local communities. Giving back to people that surround MiTEQ is hugely important to our team - especially our founder and Managing Director, Alex Whiting. We want to continue to donate to great causes like the Royal London Children's Hospital and charities supporting the development and wellbeing of young people. We want to be a champion of change and positive progression, and as long as we continue to help businesses realise their technological aspirations in the realms of asset management and real-time locating services, we intend to dedicate a proportion of our resources to helping better the wellbeing of our local community.

If you would like to reach out and discuss the ways in which technologies can be deployed or improved within your supply chain, do reach out to a member of our team.

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