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Get To Know Ian Robinson: MiTEQ Head Of Product

“If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.” - Albert Einstein

Ian Robinson has joined the MiTEQ family as Head of Product. Having spent eight years working on, and then leading, the design and implementation of more than 80,000 Android Enterprise devices at Royal Mail - after a five-year stint at Accenture - Ian's extensive hands-on experience has shaped him into someone that strives for a pragmatic, customer centric approach to solution integration.

We spent some time chatting with Ian, learning about his new role at MiTEQ, and exploring how he will be adding value to MiTEQ's budding ecosystem of customers, partners and employees. 1) Driving Efficiencies By Empowering Frontline Workers 2) "Allowing clients to do things they never thought feasible..." 3) Whiskey & Watches 4) Dinner With Three People, Dead Or Alive...

Driving Efficiencies By Empowering Frontline Workers

Ian is determined to help MiTEQ's customers use technology "for good", combatting inefficiencies at their core and benefitting both company objectives and the satisfaction of frontline workers.

"There’s so much inefficiency across so many processes, which just increases overheads and costs. When used for good, technology can be used to address these inefficiencies while facilitating higher wages or a 4-day workweek..."

With a unique focus on end-user acceptance, Ian is quick to champion an understanding of the needs of frontline workers when being asked what ingredients were critical to his success at previous companies.

"For frontline staff, I am passionate about amazing user experiences and inclusive, accessible technology which can be used equally by all, as that will ultimately drive the best outcomes for our clients too."

Ian will be helping MiTEQ build upon close-working partnerships with the likes of Zebra Technologies, furthering MiTEQ’s integration with Zebra's portfolio of Intelligent Edge Solutions, while enhancing MiTEQ's product and delivery capabilities; and, of course, delighting clients along the way!

"Allowing clients to do things they never thought feasible..."

As the world emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for automation and tracking solutions exponentially increased. Having kept in touch with MiTEQ's Managing Director, Alex Whiting, ever since his time at Royal Mail, Ian felt that MiTEQ was the right next step for him and his career.

"MiTEQ is involved with the delivery of some of the most cutting-edge solutions. Modern Android Enterprise devices and RFID technologies are allowing our clients to do things they never would have thought feasible just a few years ago. It’s incredibly exciting to be on the forefront of this wave, with a group of like-minded individuals who want to create deep and lasting partnerships with our clients."

Whisky & Watches

"I love whisky and watches, 2 ruinously expensive hobbies. There’s a shared theme across the two though, looking at how centuries old production techniques can create something truly wonderful and unique in a very digital world."

"When there’s any pennies left, I’ll be found travelling across the world (or Scotland) or in a restaurant with my partner, swimming or increasingly just providing a free taxi-service to my 8-year-old daughter."

Dinner With Three People, Dead Or Alive...

1. Nigel Mansell – “Il Leone” as the Tifosi called him during his Ferrari days, was my favourite F1 driver growing up; fast, no nonsense, heroic and courageous behind the wheel. His experiences would be of amazing insight! I’d take the GOAT Lewis Hamilton as a close second though, but there’d have to be an F1 driver at the table!

2. JFK (John F. Kennedy) – I’m fascinated by Space (and would recommend the alternate history series “for all mankind”), can’t wait for NASA to return to the moon, and would love to find out about the “moonshot” and how the Americans planned to beat the Soviets in the great space race of the 60s.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger – the greatest actor of the 1980s/90s (I’m being serious here) turned politician and governor of California – he’s an all-time hero of mine and total legend, but he has such an incredible drive to succeed, despite coming from humble Austrian beginnings (and speaking little English), and working his way up to become one of the most recognised and popular personalities across the globe.

MiTEQ: Integrators Of Automation & Tracking Solutions

MiTEQ's experts have been delivering enterprise mobility solutions to industries like Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, and Field Services for several decades. We can help you integrate digital asset tracking and automation solutions for improved asset visibility, workforce productivity, and day-to-day business efficiency. Please reach out if you have project aspirations that we can help bring to life. You might be losing assets, or struggling to find them. You might be finding it difficult to quickly and effectively communicate information between team members. You may simply want to explore what solutions the rest of your vertical are benefitting from.

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