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Enterprise Cloud Printing Solutions: Loftware NiceLabel

There is a cost to your labelling that stretches beyond the initial design and management. These costs can include printing errors, mislabelling, product recalls, and fines, not to mention the ongoing costs associated with labour and training - especially within large-scale organisations with complicated, multi-site labelling requirements.

As a first port-of-call, you can automate your label printing, or customise print interfaces according to your individual needs. Beyond this, it's worth considering whether your label

management systems would benefit from being moved into the Cloud.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of automated label printing, and consider how and why enterprises migrate their label management systems to the Cloud.

1) Four Benefits Of Automating Labelling Processes

2) Why Should I Move My Labelling To The Cloud?

3) NiceLabel 10: The Best Automated Label Management System

4) MiTEQ: Print & Mobility Specialists

Four Benefits Of Automating Labelling Processes

When considering the benefits of automated labelling processes, it's important we remember that, in order to succeed in modern business environments, enterprises need systems that are dynamic enough to accommodate rapid design changes, and without compromising operations in other ways. This need is especially pertinent where regulatory requirements are pushing traditional barcode labelling approaches to their limits - Natasha's Law is a great example of how new regulations can put pressure on businesses to evolve and adapt their systems rapidly.

Automated and data-driven labelling processes can...

Eliminate redundant IT infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs

An automated label printing solutions allows enterprises to work from a centralised pool of data, where a complete spectrum of label templates can be both stored and edited. This reduces the number of workers required to update and manage labels, and creates significant time and cost savings by eliminating redundant IT systems, reducing errors and reducing the amount of time spent creating duplicate templates across multiple sites and systems.

Enable Rapid Label Change

An integrated, automated label management solution will enable your enterprise to create, manage and print labels with ease. Centralised label templates can be defined and configured, empowering business users to update labels autonomously, instead of putting extra pressure on IT. It streamlines label formatting from a matter of months, to a matter of hours.

Improve The Consistency Of Your Labelling Processes

By transforming fragmented labelling systems - which are extending delivery dates, causing you to incur hefty fines and dissatisfied customers - you can embrace a unified, data-driven labelling approach that is built for consistency, scalability and fast-paced business environments.

Optimise Time To Market

Delivery costs have been unpredictable throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and even now we see Wine suppliers trying to cope with "delivery chaos". Supply chain disruptions are proving to be costly and unpredictable, so the last thing enterprises want to be worrying about is turnaround times for new and existing products. Fortunately, automated label printing enables business users to curate content for all labels in one central location, which can then easily be located, managed, used and reused as much as needed, speeding time to market.

Why Should I Move My Labelling To The Cloud?

An Enterprise Cloud Labelling solution will allow your enterprise to...

  • Move label management processes into a centralized, secure storage system for all of labels.

  • Add and approve new users in a matter of minutes.

  • Automatically send documents to quality control managers for review and approval.

  • Effortlessly scale labelling processes across multiple departments, partners, suppliers, contract manufacturers and third-party logistics providers.

MiTEQ can help you explore cloud labelling for your enterprise, then deliver and support your technology needs. Just visit the Contact Us section of our website.

NiceLabel 10: The Best Automated Label Management System

NiceLabel 10 is the brand new family of print and labelling solutions created by Loftware, designed to help enterprises manage their entire labelling processes. The latest NiceLabel 10 release includes:

  • A completely redesigned Control Center, providing enterprises more valuable information about their operations, faster.

  • Role-based access controls that determine the permissions for printer groups - for example, limiting operators’ access only to their local printers.

  • New web-based printer driver provisioning that allow enterprises to install or update printer drivers remotely, saving time and eliminating unplanned downtime.

  • Enhanced Integrations including new cloud-based APIs

  • New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

  • ABAP package for SAP integration.

  • New and Updated Printer Drivers and an increased number of supported printing and marking/coding devices.

  • A completely new online help portal.

MiTEQ: Print & Mobility Specialists

MiTEQ specialises in supplying medium and large-scale enterprise with asset tracking, management and mobility solutions, including NiceLabel 10, a label print and management platform used by some of the world's largest Life Sciences, Logistics and Food & Beverage businesses.

If you are considering adopting data-capture technology, automating your label printing processes, or simply learning about better ways to manage the logistics of your enterprise, we recommend that you reach out via the Contact Us section of our website.

Contact Us.

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