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Christmas at MiTEQ HQ: Which Mince Pie Is Best?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We say it MiTEQ's LinkedIn page all of the time: our team is passionate about problem-solving, efficiency-driving technologies, and enabling businesses to be the best versions of themselves. This year our partners and customers have enabled us to grow from a tiny team of two, to a small MiTEQ family, and our first Christmas at MiTEQ HQ felt like a great time to sit down, eat a few sweet treats and reflect on the progress we've made.

Will Hamilton-Davies scheduled a "Mystery Christmas Meeting" in everyone's calendars last week; nobody knew what to expect from said meeting, until Will assured everyone that the meeting would be "great for anyone who loves mince pies", and then brought six packs of them into the office on the following Monday. Fortunately, the vast majority of MiTEQ's team of technologists happen to love mince pies. The 'Mystery Meeting' wasn't quite a high-brow discussion about artificial intelligence, machine-learning and asset-tracking technologies, but it was useful for anyone hoping to decipher which mince pies to purchase this Christmas.

What is a mince pie?

One (anonymised) member of the MiTEQ team suggested that Morrisons' puff pastry mince pies (more comparable to an apple turnover than a traditional mince pie) should count towards our evaluation. Despite being a little shocked by the suggestion, it did make us wonder, "what actually constitutes a mince pie?".

According to Google, a mince pie is "a small round pie or tart containing sweet mincemeat, typically eaten at Christmas." They are traditionally made using shortcrust pastry, so for our taste-test, we vowed to steer clear of anything too abstract, and seek out best value across the board, for budget mince pies.

The Mince Pie Competition

Taking stock of Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, Co-Op and M & S mince pies, the MiTEQ team took to their positions for a round-table evaluation. They were given a set of numbers for scoring: the lower the number, the better. The results were surprising...

There was a clear set of criteria that emerged, ranging from the crumbliness of the pastry to the sweetness of the filling. There were dry ones that left mouths in desperate need of a drink, and deep-filled pastries that practically exploded upon consumption. The team was left suitably full by the end of the tasting, and empowered by the knowledge of which mince pie would rule them all.

Might Morrisons' unexpectedly expensive mince pies have carried the sleigh this Christmas?

Would M & S, the most premium purchase of the bunch, be taking home the trophy?

Neigh, the winner was...Co-Op!

Followed by a tie between Morrisons and M & S,

Then Sainsburys,

And finally, placing last, Tesco.

More Than Just Mince Pies

Be it mince pies, puddings, printers or people, the purpose of MiTEQ is creating and reaffirming best value solutions for our customers. It's a slight segue from mince pies, but even a mince pie manufacturers can benefit from tracking and monitoring technologies. All businesses should strive for maximum visibility throughout their supply chains. Mobility technology is, more often than not, the most consistent, reliable and cost-effective way of enhancing visibility with longevity.

If you are an operational leader within a medium to large-scale organisation, have a read of our story, reach out via our Contact Us page and explore the ways in which cutting-edge solutions can revolutionise your supply chain. If it takes a few mince pies and an in-person meeting to have the discussion, we're happy to accommodate you.

Keep up to date with MiTEQ via the MiTEQ LinkedIn page.

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