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Asset Tracking For Medical Equipment: You Can Save This Much Money From Tracking Syringe Drivers...

Healthcare organisations are being challenged to implement company-wide asset management policies - most of which are designed with GS1 compliancy in mind - as well as guarantee that assets are being managed in the most efficient way to support patient care and operational productivity.

In this blog, we will explore real-time tracking solutions for medical equipment, focusing on some of the most common challenges associated with healthcare equipment tracking. We will specifically outline the return on investment from tracking T34 medical syringe drivers.

1) The Benefits Of Real-Time Tracking Solutions For Medical Equipment

2) Common Challenges: Gas Cylinders, Community Assets, & System Integration

3) Tracking T34 Medical Syringe Drivers

The Benefits Of Implementing Real-Time Tracking Solutions For Medical Equipment

Real-time tracking solutions enable staff - such as nurses and clinical engineers - to update and monitor the statuses of medical assets in real-time. By working with MiTEQ to integrate dynamic real-time tracking solutions, ground-level staff are also able to verify the precise whereabouts (and condition) of assets, as and when required.

The extended benefits of deploying a real-time tracking solution for medical assets include:

  • Visibility of all assets within the four walls and/ or out in the community

  • Automated flow of assets

  • Cost savings from eliminated losses and reduced over-stocking

  • Greater labour efficiency

  • Granular digital footprints for MHR audit regulations

  • Automated processes for instant validation and traceability of assets

Interested in trialling a solution? Reach out and request a site visit for your organisation.

Common Challenges: Gas Cylinders, Community Assets, & System Integration

Healthcare providers have an extensive range of assets located within an outside their facilities. With this in mind, greatest returns from tracking medical assets can be generated by considering the following challenges:

Gas Cylinder Tracking - when it comes to assets moving within the four walls of a hospital, gas cylinders are one of the most difficult assets to keep track of - especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Locationing technology can be used to prevent losses or theft, ensure that all cylinders are proactively replenished, and help clinicians instantly locate gas cylingers during emergencies.

Community Assets - assets that are predominantly used within the community represent the greatest risk of loss or misplacement. They are an unnecessary cost for Finance departments, and notoriously difficult assets for clinical teams to locate and manage. The good news is, real-time locating solutions - such as those provided by MiTEQ - can help stakeholders prevent losses and keep sight of assets out in the community.

System Integration e.g. iDOX - most healthcare providers use a range of different digital applications on a daily basis. Having new systems sit alongside these existing ones can often serve to add unnecessary complexity to workflows (and create information siloes!). With the help of partners like Kinsetsu, MiTEQ can integrate asset management systems with existing applications such as iDOX.

Tracking T34 Medical Syringe Drivers

T34 medical syringe drivers are used for end-of-life care, which means relatives of dying patients often end up inheriting devices, unaware of their value or that they need to be returned, or wondering where they have come from and who they should be returned to. Hospitals struggle to see precisely where the syringe drivers are, which adds to the complexity of organising collections or returns.

Using a combination of active sensors, SIM trackers and software - plus any relevant devices and infrastructure - MiTEQ can help your healthcare facility implement a real-time location system that shows precisely where medical syringe drivers are located, in real-time.

If your healthcare facility were to explore an initial proof of concept for 25 medical syringe drivers, we estimate that you can expect a return on investment of around 44% within 12 months.

MiTEQ: Delivering Asset Management Solutions To UK Healthcare Providers

MiTEQ is positioned to help your healthcare facility seamlessly integrate an asset tracking solution for T34 syringe drivers and other key assets. In partnership with Kinsetsu, we can help you enable clinicians to locate and manage assets in real-time, as well as receive alerts when assets are approaching end-of-life deadlines or require a scheduled service or upgrade.

Reach out to our team of asset tracking, management and mobility specialists to explore a solution for your organisation.

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