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A MiTEQ Webinar: Reducing Human-To-Human Contact During A Global Pandemic

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

MiTEQ’s Alex Whiting and Zebra Technologies’ Mark Jolley recently teamed up to present a webinar at Bath Digital Festival. Their webinar addressed how mobile technology could reduce human-to-human contact during a global pandemic. Human-to-human contact is one of several areas in which businesses are having to focus right now. It's worth mentioning that we provide a full spectrum of asset tracking and management solutions, extending far beyond the application of proximity solutions.

We won’t delve into the specifics of RFID or RTLS solutions in the body of this text. Instead, we would like to invite you to watch our presentation. We have included industry-specific notes below; these will signpost the timing of industry specific discussions within the webinar, so that those of you wishing to jump straight to the value proposition can do so.

Hospitality (6:03):

• Track contact between staff

• Understand status of people and assets

• Transact in a more contactless way, NFC, BLE, etc

• Reduce contact, self service

Manufacturing (9:05):

• Automate process

• Track asset status for Just-in-time

• Understand where assets are

• Asset maintenance, log and create history

• Asset visibility, manage the uptime

Retail (11:57):

• Click and collect, how to achieve this simply

• Track usage of the assets in store

• Track all assets and re use or repurpose

• Create more contactless checkout experience

Logistics (16:48):

• Track and Trace

• Better picking with heads up, more hands free, less people, reduced risk/cost

• Motionworks Proximity

If you’d like to discuss our solutions in more detail, or wish to talk to our team to gain more of an understanding of how our solutions work, contact us using the below details. Enjoy!

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