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3 Things We Can Offer To Help With Seasonal Challenges To Your Operations

With the growth of ecommerce retail brands and omnichannel order fulfilment, there's more pressure being placed on business supply chains to be able to adapt to dramatic shifts in demand - and provide for new pools of customers with less predictable, more immediately demanding purchasing behaviours.

Sure, longstanding businesses with access to large volumes of data can somewhat rely on forecasting activities to pre-empt demand and prepare for peaks and troughs throughout the year, but the question everyone is asking is: what technologies can better inform our decision-makers, and make our adaptive strategies more robust?

1) Smart Inventory Management Systems

2) Picker & Packer Training Automation

3) Flexible Device Adoption

4) Who Can I Speak To About This?

Smart Inventory Management Systems

RFID inventory management systems can deliver granular insights into what items are being stocked, where they're being stocked, what condition they're in, and when they're due to expire. Your primary reason to deploy RFID inventory management systems might relate to waste reduction, labour automation, or improved tracking and accuracy within returns processing, but the data and visibility generated as a product of such transformation can help you adapt to seasonal demand more quickly, while harmonising the efforts of your sales, marketing and operational teams.

These smart inventory management solutions are especially critical within businesses managing perishable or special requirement goods - think hospitals, food and beverage brands, logistics service providers etc.. MiTEQ is experienced in providing solutions across all industries, and would happily cater to the requirements of your operation, should you wish to reach out.

Picker & Packer Training Automation

Workflow management technologies can enable your business to induct and train new, seasonal warehouse workers in a fraction of the usual time, while empowering them with the insight to pick multiple orders, simultaneously, from the second they start.

Fulfillment Edge bridges the gap between warehouse pickers and Warehouse Management Systems, using WMS information collected via WiFi access points and RFID systems to create more dynamic workflows for workers.

In the context of seasonal business, imagine rush orders coming in for same-day shipping. FulfillmentEdge can instantly identify workers who are picking along a path that includes the location of items in that rush order and automatically update the work order to enable fulfilment in record time.

“FulfillmentEdge software and optional HD4000 head-mounted display provide mobile workers with clear, step-by-step instructions that reduce training time by 90 percent to allow near-instant onboarding while decision makers benefit from the real-time insights and analytics that enable better data-driven decisions.” - Senior Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Computing at Zebra Technologies, Joe White

Flexible Device Adoption

Mobile device rentals and flexible repair contracts are the bread-and-butter of seasonal warehouse management processes. With demand putting pressure on recruitment, training and fulfilment activities, technology refreshes, rentals and repairs need to be executed in the a cost-effective, flexibly contracted and timely way.

Who Can I Speak To About This?

MiTEQ are helping business leaders to simplify their adoption of modern technology, by working alongside experienced innovation experts, technology providers, and asset management specialists.

If you're hoping to explore smart inventory management systems, picking and packing solutions, device refreshes, repairs, swaps or more - be it within Warehousing, Retail, Healthcare or other - reach out via or visit our Contact Us.

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