Mieloo & Alexander

Mieloo & Alexander is a system integrator with roots in process improvement consultancy. They specialize in innovative AutoID, RFID and locating solutions.

As a hands-on AutoID integrator, Mieloo Alexander is combining a thorough understanding of business processes and IT-systems with deep, extensive technical knowledge of a large variety of AutoID, RFID and locating technologies.

MiTEQ are working in close partnership with Mieloo & Alexander, helping customers - at every stage of their digital journeys and at any point along their supply chains - to improve process flows around inventory management, asset visibility and more.


Mieloo & Alexander Software Applications

*Solutions that MiTEQ can help you explore and deploy



ARC Cloud is the IoT platform in Fashion & Apparel Retail consisting of various modular components, which is not only optimizing the internal goods flow but is also capable to revolutionize the customer experience. With the use of RFID technology, the entire supply chain can be supervised in real time.



ARC Base is a technical integration platform for (mission critical) AutoID solutions. As technical middleware, ARC Base enables the unlocking of data generated by AutoID hardware, such as RFID antennas, (vision-) sensors, barcode imagers, GPS/RTLS trackers.



ARC UI is a framework for stateless handheld applications that is developed to rapidly build dynamic user interfaces. The core components are technical and functional building blocks which can be altered to fit use case specific requirements.


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