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Asset Tracking Solutions For Medical Equipment: T34 Syringe Drivers

The loss and misplacement of medical equipment is a problem that has substantial financial and operational implications for healthcare organisations. With partners like Kinsetsu and Zebra Technologies, MiTEQ are delivering a solution to that problem.

Disappearing T34 Syringe Drivers

T34 syringe drivers are one of the most challenging pieces of medical equipment for healthcare organisations to manage. This is largely because medical syringe drivers are...

  • Relatively small & portable

  • Used across a varied range of locations

  • Often inherited by the relatives of end-of-life patients

  • Valuable (£2k+)

In the case of one hospital, clinical health staff discovered that they were missing 28 of their 29 T34 syringe drivers, each valued at over £2000. They had to contact "all departments at the hospital and every rest home throughout [their city]", only to recover 16 of their 29 drivers.

Hywel Dda University Health Board Are Tracking Community & Acute Based Medical Devices...

With hospital sites located across a large rural geographic area, the Health Board required a fully automated solution that would prevent medical devices from being misplaced, lost or missed when their respective servicing was required, while improving patient safety. They have chosen to deploy Kinsetsu's Ktrack software, supported by a comprehensive technology infrastructure (including mobile computers, tags and more), all of which can be provided to your healthcare organisation by MiTEQ.


Hywel Dda University Health Board:

“…From being unable to locate devices, to ensuring that all Information Governance and Cyber security protocols comply with national requirements. The project has helped us move towards a safer environment for our patients, through more effective medical device management.”

Delivered In Partnership With Kinsetsu

MiTEQ specialise in the complete delivery and support of asset tracking, management and mobility solutions. As Kinsetsu continue to focus on the development of their Ktrack platform - enabling organisations to locate critical assets, benefit from full visibility and control of them in real-time, and alert teams about end-of-life deadlines or scheduled servicing - we can consult you on how to implement their solution, helping you to deploy, configure and support projects for excellent business results.


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