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Every business will require a different combination of mobility technology solutions. MiTEQ aims to make innovation effortless and accessible, which is why we've created an exclusive community of specialist consultants, analysts and practitioners, accessible to each of our valued customers. As experts in their respective fields, they will guide you through a selection of available applications and communications solutions - ensuring rollout is smooth, uptake is seamless and the ongoing delivery and optimisation of our enterprise mobility solutions, flawless. These industry-leading professionals are best equipped to help you understand what technology is available, how best it can be managed and optimised within your business.


MDM Tools, Trial Solutions – Zebra ViQ, Wizy, provided and managed by us also MiTEQ TRIAL, a “solution in a box” for you to trial for a period, with easy subscription services attached. You can just turn it off or subscribe for longer, just add more tags to manage more things!

Surveys and Deployments, fully managed by our trained technicians, on site and virtually through our MiTEQ ASSIST solution

Project Management Services to take away the need to manage internally

Solutions and Process improvement through our network of “Practitioners”, these are industry experts who understand how your business runs, from supply chain professionals to retail experts

Rental solution to use them in peak periods, increase what you need then send it back

Billing services as well as procurement solutions to deliver savings, cost reduction and process improvement