Our Applications

Our Applications help locate and manage assets. Used in conjunction with communication technologies, our mobile and desktop application solutions will allow you to oversee your supply chain (and beyond) with greater transparency. These technologies will also provide you with ongoing, actionable insights, to be used to make more informed investment decisions, to maximise efficiency, as well as overall returns.


Zebra Motionworks location solutions give businesses the ability to use automated data collections to obtain actionable insights and vital solutions from the location, state and sense data of the tagged enterprise resources

Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS)

VOIP Solutions, partnering with Zebra on Workforce Connect

MiTEQ TRACK, a mobile and desktop app that allows users to track and manage their assets and gain insight into their behaviors

MiTEQ LOCATE, a mobile app to allow users to manage and locate their asset in real time

MiTEQ MAINTAIN, a solution that allows you to manage the upkeep of your location based objects in the field, book jobs, create swaps, proactively maintain your base